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Hope is Fading - as published

Hope is fading…

Hope should be a bird, an amazing sunrise, all about youth, innocence and bravery

Yet, for me, the dream was but a dream that turned into a nightmare dashing all faith and trust once held

The desire that once was, has been rendered useless; yet clings to possibilities

The mind calls emotion pathetic, while the heart still believes in a future

Confidence has surrendered all, and decays into the night

As hope wanes, the enemy becomes more inspired and therefore almost visible

The decline of the self, of feeling worthwhile, discolors the soul and it shrivels

The goal was too large, the mind scolds the heart. Too much esteem was given to you to acquire the emotional result. Instead, you diminished the soul into the eternal darkness! The heart’s credibility has failed, and we should never trust it again.

The dream was a chance, a leap of faith, but one worth taking! Even if the end result was failure, the experience is still worthwhile. How many a soul can breathe an ounce of that fire?! Not many. To have been one of the lucky or chosen few is a lifelong accomplishment that, even still, should be enjoyed…and could too! As long as the mind doesn’t betray the soul! There is still light here if all work together to reach it.

Meanwhile, the soul has deemed itself incompetent as the mind says and grateful as the heart says

A glimmer of fight remains, but a faint hope that the promises made would be kept, wreak of desperation

Mind and Heart are still at battle

Mind intent on destruction of the heart that will invariably lead to damage of the soul

Heart, knowing this, has resigned to feeling inferior yet intent on salvaging a dim fragment of the hope that once was in order to protect the soul

In the midst of battle, they create a brainchild, Impulsivity, who outpaces and outwits them in order to wreak havoc on the soul

The child is born of its parents’ desperation and craves and demands the complete attention of each of them

Impulsivity is a wild child that enters when the soul has all but vanished and died

Whims of extravagance and extremes abound

Impulsivity compulsively mocks and swindles its parents into submission with its indifferent attitude for any sort of consequences

Tormenting them for each of their guilty actions and mortifies them with its risk taking

Offers no regard and expects preferential treatment

Raging with pure emotion impulsivity acts recklessly giving into tempestuous situations

Desires rule and consequences aim for the original sin.

The cycle must end

Consequences and grief wrack the soul into a second mourning for the original sin

Darkness abounds and soaks up the last flickers of hope wrapping the soul into a cocoon that will last some days….

Until…. new inspiration is found, in a dream, a goal, a wish or desire…

AS PUBLISHED by Not a Type Magazine

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