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Obsession - as Published (see credits below)

Updated: May 2, 2021

That dark grey cloud swirls in the horizon

It twists and moves of its own accord

A flash of light stares down

while the large "boom!!" mocks

Seek shelter to find there is none

Batter between the walls of glass

as the clouds unfold around

The "booms!!" turn into voices

The voices drive the storm

Growing smaller by the minute

Futile attempts to block out the sounds

The voices grow louder and

imprint their bruises onto the soul

Protective layer of skiin is washed away

The dold rattles the bones

Screaming a plea for respite

No one can stop the descent into madness

Anything left now is deteriorated into ash

The lone remaining voice

blows what's left away

Published by Wingless Dreamer in Heartfelt Poetry Collection; Edited by Ruchi Acharya

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