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I walk the hollow hallways of my heart

Such stark emptiness from the joy, hope, passion and love that overfilled them just days ago. All that remains now are the flecks of dust which hint at what one might have seen here.

I feel a slight shiver as I wander the halls and take a silent mournful inventory and account of the damages. will be a very big job...and we must determine a plan going forward. We must not let all of this damage to ever happen again.

Yes, this will take some time...and careful planning if we hope to recognize it again. We MUSTN'T allow such complete and utter destruction! Perhaps next time the damage will truly be irreparable!

There are reprimands to be made to those responsible.

That foolish girl who blindly ushered in the storm through the vaults and around all of the fortresses to lie so raw against my heart.

She begged him to take it and sat back aghast and useless when he threw it back at her after emptying it.

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