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Notebook and Pen

Welcome to Musings from the Head and the Heart

Stories and poems by gifted and touched women

Welcome to Musings from the Head and the Heart, our hope is to provide a unique blog for you to explore and hopefully find something you relate make us feel more normal. 😂. 

We are two 30-some-odd year old women who have been diagnosed with bipolar which has led to some wild, emotional and tragic feeling experiences.

Journaling and writing have always been passions of ours that has helped us process a variety, and intense, emotional situations. 

You'll find poems, short stories, journal entries, truth and fiction, and just overall personal flair. 

We look forward to sharing them here, with you.

Read on, and enjoy.

Bipolar: Head and the Heart: Welcome

Unicorn - As published

I’m getting older… Who am I kidding? Still living life like There’s no tomorrow With wrinkles on my neck I should want someone To love me...

Ships at Sea

Stranded on an island, but happy. two ships approach in a rescue attempt which ship should I be on? She wonders... do I even really want...


The scent of you is fading from my skin, my bed and hair so quick we went from dating, We make quite the pair... ...even, debonaire I'll...


I feel it coming upon me the seasons are changing the nagging pull at my soul the clouds gathering the storm makes an eye... drawing...


I feel it coming upon me The seasons are changing The nagging pull at my soul The clouds are gathering The storm makes an eye Drawing...

This time...

This time… This time I have resolved to oust all relationship goals. Expel and banish those who have hurt me and tell them all to kick...

The Heroine

One day the girl freed herself from her prison and struck out into the wilderness… Almost sounds like a fairy tale, but really the prison...

Prozac Nation

“Homesickness is just a state of mind for me. I’m always missing someone or someplace or something, I’m always trying to get back to some...


Freedom We all want to be “free.” Think about it we learn about it, live by it and do things we can to achieve it. Everyone, more or less...

Tantalizing Cock...tails

Your like a tantalizing new cocktail. It tastes good, makes you feel serine and relaxed with every sip. Your not exactly sure what’s In...

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