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Apocalypse - Chapter 3

Lacey is wearing black leather pants, a black Rage Against the Machine t-shirt, doc martins, a necklace with a diamond studded key hanging from it and a high ponytail.

Lydia has donned a plaid, pleated, skirt, a Waylon Jennings ripped t-shirt with black fishnets, combat boots and her hair braided loosely.


Lydia convinces them to go to the Double Tap – renamed for zombie season. It’s where a lot of the degenerates go for booze, sex and other shenanigans. It’s also the place that Lydia worked…and got fired…as a guard. They can hear the party from two blocks down. Now that there are no real laws to speak of, the drinks flow all night. Boy Toy leads the way with his shotgun while Lacey and Lydia talk about how they each think they will die in the end. Lacey is convinced that her mom, turned zombie, will find her and berate her as she kills her and Lydia thinks that, at some point, she’ll be cornered and choose to off herself before becoming a zombie. Lacey isn’t thrilled with the choice of bar, but Lydia’s convinced her to give it a shot.

Suddenly, from out of the shadows a zombie leaps out and onto Boy Toy. Lydia is slow on the draw having been distracted but manages to kill the zombie. She sees that Boy Toy has been bitten and before he’s able to protest, she kills him too.

Lydia – Sorry Lacey, I had to, he –

Lacey – 'Well…shit…let’s get that drink’ and she keeps walking.

Lydia picks up the shotgun, steps over him and they continue on into the bar.

The owner, Joe, spots them as they come in. It’s funny that Joe won’t let his guards drink, but he’s always plastered every night. Joe sneers – ‘who let you in? You’re not welcome here!’ Lydia laughs, ‘oh, shut up Joe…’ and they hug. Joe tells her he could really use her back on guard duty they are losing a lot of guys. Lydia cuts him off – no way Joe! You know what happened last time! Joe sighs but then says, look Lydia, I’m desperate…do what you want out there, just don’t kill my customers! Lydia’s eyes grow wide, now this she can get behind! But, she plays it cool. ‘I dunno Joe…how would you pay me? Ammo?’ Joe agrees so they schedule her to come back the next night. Lydia turns to find Lacey and sees she’s off in a darker, quieter corner and talking to a really handsome older man. She turns back to Joe – ‘oh, hey, Joe? Throw in a flame thrower would ya?’ and turns away just as she sees his jaw drop. She laughs as she walks to the opposite bar, orders a drink and scans the crowd.

A lot of the regulars are there tonight, but Lydia’s hoping to find someone new. She’s grown bored with her line of men and needs a new stable…or at least one. From over her other shoulder she hears a sexy voice saying, ‘now what’s a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this?’ Lydia is about to turn around and give him a piece of her mind but stops short as she meets his gaze. He’s about 6’4”, sun tanned skin, dark hair with a few wisps of grey…built but in a natural way. He’s wearing jeans, cowboy boots a button-down black shirt and a cowboy hat. There are a lot of guys who could never pull this look off, but he does impeccably. His belt is hung askew, and Lydia notes an older revolver holstered. She tries to keep her cool as she quickly drinks him in noticing he seems to be doing the same.

’Damon’, he says, sticking out his hand.

Lydia stares at it and scoffs, ‘Lydia…Play you a game of pool for that gun?’

Damon throws his head back laughing, ‘Well…I’m pretty sure I’d beat you but there’s no way I’m wagering this gun…how about this pack of shells? I saw you came in with a shotgun handy.’

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