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The Apocalypse Chapter 2

Next thing they knew, the sun was coming up. They’d talked of men and money and booze and debauchery all night and found they had a lot in common – except for the specifics on men, thankfully.

They pooled all of their money together and found they had quite a bit. Both knew that money, for some reason, still took them pretty far in the current situation – but was especially good at the bars. Some people are just dumb really to still want money, but hey, works for them. I suppose they think things will get better and go back to ‘normal’ at some point. At this point both Lydia and Lacey found that idea to be pretty boring. Lacey seemed to have a stockpile of booze which was appealing, and Lydia had a stockpile of weapons. Both had resources and men. They felt, if they stuck together, they could at least be having fun as the world ended.

Drunk as all hell, they grabbed as much liquor as they could carry out the door. They found a grocery cart about a block down and loaded it with their bottles. Laughing they rounded the corner to head to a condo Lacey had been staying in with a man when from between two buildings a zombie emerged and began charging them – Lacey screamed but Lydia casually drew her beretta and blasted him between the eyes.

Lydia: “Lacey, just how in the hell are you alive right now with no weapons?”

Lacey: “Well, often I’ve got a guy around to do what you just did…but last night I just said fuck it and went to that bar. I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive, but I didn’t care much.”

Lydia: “…well…I guess I get that.”

Lacey: “And just where the hell have you been staying?? How can you not have a place to go back to?”

Lydia: “Eh, here and there. Depends on who I meet. Last guy turned out to be a real dick, so I took off last night.”

Lacey called her boy toy down from the condo to help them bring the liquor up to the condo. He was handsome and younger but seemed to jump to her requests nicely. Lydia was impressed. The condo was lavish…but also a bit of a mess from all the empty bottles and supplies everywhere. And had been retrofitted with a pretty hard core security devices, thanks to Boy Toy. ‘It’s perfect’ Lydia thought to herself. Boy Toy took watch while Lacey and Lydia passed out for most of the day.

It was interesting, most people were dead…or undead…but the bars stayed pretty full. For some reason the zombies didn’t seem to know to check the bars. Bars now employed bouncers to act as guards against the zombies. Sadly, not all of them made it through each night, but still, they managed to keep them out, so it worked for everyone else. ‘I still don’t understand why anyone would take that job, you can’t even drink while you target practice!’ Lydia had said many times. She had done it once but was ‘fired’ for drinking on the job. It had been fun though.

When Lyida woke, Lacey was still asleep. She wandered out to the living area to find that Boy Toy had passed out. Ugh, men…useless. Lydia surveyed the stockpile of arms he had and found a long range rifle she herself had had her eye on – The Savage Axis II. Ooohhh! Fun! She fixed herself a vodka red bull, grabbed the gun, some ammo and headed out to the 10th story patio. Again, the patio had been retrofitted to accommodate being a defense platform with a flat table surface coming from the railing and a stool behind it. Most of the balconies on the lower levels had been demoed to ensure the zombies didn’t try to scale the building. Lydia hated heights, but this was going to be worth it. She set herself up at the table and started surveying the streets through the scope. Spotting a rather large group of them, she began picking them off one by one with shots straight between the eyes. Zombies were like bulls. If they weren’t in attack mode they were super slow to catch on and/or move. They growled and hissed as the bullets splayed through them but didn’t think to disperse or run for at least 15 minutes. With each kill shot, Lydia placed a shell next to her drink, the rest she let fall to the floor. After the remaining couple of zombies finally thought to run and hide, Lydia took a break and sipped her drink. About this time Boy Toy came out looking sheepish for having fallen asleep on the job. Lydia rolled her eyes but said, ‘want to join?’

The two of them sat at their posts picking off zombies, laughing and drinking until finally Lacey woke and joined them.

Lacey: “Ugh, this bores me…let’s go do something.”

Lydia: “Bar?”

Boy Toy: “Again??”

Lacey rolled her eyes and said “We slept all day and I don’t want to sit here and watch ya’ll shoot guns all night”

Lydia shrugged and said, ‘I’m in’

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