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The Apocalypse Chapter 1 - draft/work in progress

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It’s 2003 and the world has been invaded with zombies. The zombies attacked military bases first, taking command of the artillery. The first round of killing was from bombs they launched killing millions before beginning to wander the planet in search of survivors. The numbers of zombies grew, and the only way found to kill them was a bullet to the head. They kill humans, well, like all zombies do – by biting them.

Among the survivors of the first rounds of attack were two women in their late twenties. They had never met before, but first met in a deserted bar.

Lydia walked gallantly through the doors of what used to be one of the finest restaurant/bars in the city. She had never been there before the zombies but had always wanted to go. Now seemed like the perfect time. She leveled her Beretta across the bar and restaurant in the event it was already inhabited but found it empty. She jumped over the bar and said:

‘so, ma’am what’ll it be this evening?’

‘I’ll have a cosmopolitan James.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry, but we’re fresh out of liqueurs’

‘Well, in that case, better make it scotch’

Meanwhile, Lydia has grabbed a bottle of scotch from the very top shelf and poured herself a shot. She takes it down…then coughs, spits and gags.

‘damn! I thought this shit was supposed to be good!’

‘Ah, well, fuck it.’ She grabs a cold beer and pops the top on the side of the bar.

Suddenly she hears something – she jumps and pulls her Beretta looking around the bar until she sets eyes on a woman. The woman is sitting at the other end of the bar with a drink and her snicker turns into all out laughter.

“what are you laughing at?!’ Lydia says defensively, to which the woman just laughs harder. Lydia pauses and then she starts laughing as well realizing what the woman must have just seen and heard.

Lydia pockets her Beretta once more and swings over the bar to take the stool next to her. They introduce themselves.

Surprisingly...Lacey doesn’t even have a weapon on her, but she does have one hell of a big bottle of wine.

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