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Unicorn - As published

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I’m getting older…

Who am I kidding?

Still living life like

There’s no tomorrow

With wrinkles on my neck

I should want someone

To love me

To hold me

To call me theirs

But to this day

I want what I want

When I want it

And most of the time,

No one meshes up

Many measure up

But none mesh up

I am a unicorn,

We all are

It’s just the level of

expectations we give

to our match

For me,

It’s a tall order

I’ve come to accept

That my ‘person’

May not exist

Or they do, but

We’ll never meet

That’s okay…

Maybe a little sad…

But okay for me

So long as I don’t settle

As long as I keep on my path

Not forsaking for someone

Who’s not right for me

I will be okay

I will be my own unicorn

***As published on The Elephant Journal

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