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We all want to be “free.” Think about it we learn about it, live by it and do things we can to achieve it. Everyone, more or less wants to do what they want to do. People do things because of god, another greater power,a priest,a pastor, a teacher, counselor, mother, father aunt uncle, grandmother, grandfather. The list goes on. Who is it that Influenced you? Guaranteed it was one of the above that has some sort of influence on your life to date.

However, that being said we choose our own path regardless whether or not if we know what the hell we are doing or not. Some of us go with the flow, some of us stress over all the nuisances of life, some of us say “fuck it.” Hence the full blown alcoholics and drug addicts. Shit, it’s easy to do drugs and drink all day. I mean I work In the social service field and the people who are “homeless and poor” who society all feels bad for. Sure I get it there life sux. However many of them of not all... are fucked up the whole time so they are feeling just fine I can promise you. That lifestyle in and of itself catches up with you. It’s not a good thing by any Means not am I promoting it. All I am saying it that is is much easier to get fucked up all day than to life real life period. So for all of us warriors out there going at it sober most of the time... Amen to us... we are “living the life” and trying to do it when we have no idea what we are doing.

I am here to tell you and being a counselor I have talked to so many people from many different ways of life. I have talked to rich, poor, affluent, trust fund, drug addicts , mentally ill people. I have spoken to All the walks of society and the consensus is ... no one really knows what the fuck they are doing...

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