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Notebook and Pen

Welcome to Musings from the Head and the Heart

Stories and poems by gifted and touched women

Welcome to Musings from the Head and the Heart, our hope is to provide a unique blog for you to explore and hopefully find something you relate make us feel more normal. 😂. 

We are two 30-some-odd year old women who have been diagnosed with bipolar which has led to some wild, emotional and tragic feeling experiences.

Journaling and writing have always been passions of ours that has helped us process a variety, and intense, emotional situations. 

You'll find poems, short stories, journal entries, truth and fiction, and just overall personal flair. 

We look forward to sharing them here, with you.

Read on, and enjoy.

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The First Arrest

The first time I was arrested I was either 15 or 16. I had snuck out of the house to hang out at my pot dealer’s house with friends. I...

Know your Bipolar

So, you want to know your bipolar... This could be your spouse, your daughter, work colleague, neighbor, or your friend or …anyone. The...


I walk the hollow hallways of my heart Such stark emptiness from the joy, hope, passion and love that overfilled them just days ago. All...

Journal Entry 7/3/20

With the help of Sylvia Plath.... “I need you to do this one more thing for me. Break your image and wrench it from me. I need you to...

Chance and Dastardly

Rosy Chance is your typical girl at 38. She is once divorced with two children. There have been times the past was not too kind to her,...

The Infection

Did you know that the word preceding infect(ion) in the dictionary is infatuation? In a demented mania for love, a predator finds its...

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