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The First Arrest

The first time I was arrested I was either 15 or 16. I had snuck out of the house to hang out at my pot dealer’s house with friends. I was about halfway home going through Rollingwood, playing my music and smoking a cigarette. I sat at a traffic light with my blinker on and saw a cop car on the oncoming street at the light as well. I turned down my music a bit. The light turned green and let them have the right of way, but they just sat there, so finally I made my turn.

As soon as I did, there went the lights. Ughh…I thought. I was more annoyed than scared because I really hadn’t done anything wrong. Rollingwood cops were known to harass people. I pulled over, but also knowing that smoking cigarettes under the age of 18 was illegal, so I tried to ditch it on the turn into a shopping center. They approached and asked for my information. I asked why they pulled me over. Initially, they said it was because I violated the city noise ordinance. I’d never heard of such a thing but I complied. Apparently, I wasn’t successful with my cigarette ditch because they also cited me with underage smoking…and littering.

I sat in the car while they went to write up the ticket. By this time two other patrol cars had pulled up…seriously?? It takes six cops to write a noise violation ticket?? I was irritated. They all bantered about while writing up my tickets until I finally asked, ‘may I ask how long this will take? I have school in the morning.’ Apparently, they didn’t like my attitude. Initially the reply was ‘oh it’ll take as long as we make it take sweetheart’. But next thing I knew I was being asked to step out of the car. I was under arrest. They could have taken me to their local hub of a jail, but instead they decided to teach me a lesson and take me into downtown Austin. I guess I deserved it with my attitude…but still!

I was booked downtown where the booking cops all seemed shocked I was there. I was placed in a holding cell until early morning when my mom came to pick me up. She was crying and devastated, and I was just annoyed still. I tried to explain to her what bullshit it all was, but she was too upset to hear it.

They impounded my car, but somehow did not find the pot I had in my purse in the car. It was still there when I got the car back.

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